The Best Ice Cream in Sedona

Sedona’s Black Cow Cafe is the premier destination for the best ice cream in Sedona. And because the Black Cow is a dessert cafe you will find a wide selection of sweets to satisfy any tooth.

Most everything is homemade right in the cafe: the ice cream, the waffle cones, the pies, the cookies, the sandwiches and so much more. Everything about Black Cow screams “quality.”

Looking for a great and inexpensive lunch?

Sedona’s Black Cow sandwiches are made on fresh local “Orion” brand breads with locally sourced ingredients. The meats and cheeses are the top-quality “Boar’s Head” brand. The vegetables are fresh, the tomatoes are vine-ripened.
Their unique “french-style” hot dogs are kosher Hebrew National’s hotdogs encased in a French baguette.

More about the Black Cow’s Ice Cream…

It’s all made in-house daily!
Wanna’ know why it tastes SO good?
Their recipes that have been perfected over 15 years.
They use “high butter fat” and have “low over-runs.”
That means they only use the highest quality ingredients and don’t whip a bunch of air into their product.

There is no one in town that makes a higher quality ice cream. Once you taste it you will be reminded of what ice cream used to taste like, returning every time you visit Sedona!!!

Sedona’s Black Cow probably makes the best coconut macaroons you have ever tasted. Sedona visitors actually have them shipped back home! The owners also make their own oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, chocolate chip and chocolate chip-pecan cookies.

Oh my! Choose from freshly made and baked pies like double-crust apple, crumb-top apple, cherry, pecan and a unique pecan chocolate chip. Choose a slice. Make it al-a-mode. Or take home a whole pie to share during your vacation.

Banana Splits? Sundaes? Shakes? Malts? Homemade Waffle Cones? Mix-ins? They are all here at Sedona’s Black Cow Cafe!

Be sure and say hello to the owners, Carrie and Lane, who are there most everyday. Carrie makes most of the baked goods.
And you will see Lane doing what he does best: making the creamiest and best-tasting homemade ice cream!

Sedona’s Black Cow is an oasis of delight in Uptown Sedona!  Located at 221 North State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ  86336