The Beautiful Red Rocks

The Beautiful Red Rocks

The beautiful red rocks of Sedona

Red Rocks from Hot Air Balloon

The Beautiful Red Rocks have inspired everyone from the Native Americans who worshipped their energy fields thousands of years ago to the hikers who now worship the views.
Spread around Oak Creek and its magnificent canyon.  Red Rock Country is one of the most popular tourists’ sites in the United States. Home of  some of the most photographed natural formations, like Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. Also featured in numerous movies, Red Rock Country is bound to leave you amazed and in awe.


Numerous buttes and mesas dot the area. Sedona is part of the Coconino National Forest. Red Rock Country offers incredibly diverse scenery, ranging from ponderosa pine forests to red desert rock formation that gave it its name.

The centerpiece of Red Rock Country is Oak Creek Canyon, the second most popular tourist attraction in Arizona Only the Grand Canyon attracts more visitors per year. There’s good reason for this, Oak Creek Canyon is an amazing natural wonder offering many recreational activities.