Ride a Segway in Sedona

Learn how to Ride and Glide through the quiet back streets and sidewalks towards Sedona’s Largest Red Rock; Wilson Mtn. Tours range from 1 to 2 Hours in length. Training is included in tour time.

1Hr Jordan Tour – Our basic “Beginner” Tour, the Jordan 1hr Tour let’s you see the sites in and around Sedona’s main tourist district while riding quiet back streets and sidewalks. This 1 hour includes Jordan Rd. and Sedona’s Jordan Historical Park.

1.5Hr Uptown Jordan Tour – Our most sought after tour for sights and photography buffs gets you gliding on the quiet back streets, up and down the hills around Lazy Bear Estates where the beauty of the Red Rocks is simply captivating. The Segway experience is a breathtaking journey through the heart of Sedona.

2Hr Rider’s Choice Tour – Our most desired tour let’s you experience Sedona in the most raw form; around the sublime and mystical hills of Sedona with an ala-cart modality. We find out your capabilities through our training, and then we discuss desires and focal points before taking you on a tour that YOU decide!