A Market in Sedona

Manzanita Market is Uptown Sedona’s local market, conveniently located right across Forest Rd. from historic Cheers, and across Highway 89A from Pink Jeep Tours. We sell snacks, beer, gifts, and a variety of necessities.

Heading out on a tour or a hike, or just looking for a place to make a quick pit stop? Manzanita Market has what you need. Grab a sandwich for a quick lunch or stock up on chips, trail mix, and other snacks for the whole day. We stock well-known favorites as well as snacks made here in Sedona, and we support small snack businesses around Arizona.

If you’re winding down at the hotel after a long day of exploring, stop by Manzanita Market for a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. We stock popular brands in addition to locally brewed and made beer and wine, so you can try something new! A relaxing evening to round out your packed day of shopping, hiking, or touring is just a short, convenient walk away from all the shops and hotels in Uptown Sedona. Stop in before you turn in for the night without even having to get into your car!

When your vacation is finishing up, Manzanita Market has many souvenirs and gifts made locally in Sedona and other parts of Arizona. We have gifts to give all your family and friends when you return home, from cute mugs to funny stickers and even Cactus Candy—a treat you just have to try.

Stop by conveniently located Manzanita Market at any point on your visit to Uptown Sedona for beer, snacks, gifts, and quick necessities.